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PADI Nitrox Course - Dolphin Queen

EAN Nitrox course

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This is our most popular specialty. The course is the perfect choice for recreational divers and professionals, especially on Liveaboards. Commonly, our staff dive on Nitrox reducing the amount of Nitrogen and its effects on their bodies.

You are taught how to extend your bottom times and parameters of safety are increased. The course does not involve underwater skills, but is more focused on theory. Although not intensive, it will teach you the considerations of diving with a higher percentage of oxygen (from 21 to 40%). You will also be taught how to use a nitrox analyzer and will have time to get used to it throughout the trip as you will be analysing your own tank before diving.

Enriched Air Nitrox Course price : 7,200 baht
Included in the price:
Online Enriched Air Nitrox manual
4 Nitrox tanks during liveaboard
Dive computer for Nitrox dives
Enriched Air Nitrox Certification e-card

Please note: the liveaboard price is not included

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