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Similan Liveaboard - m/ v Dolphin Queen

Diving Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock

A warm welcome to our Similan Liveaboard Safari.

Guests for our Similan liveaboard safaris should arrive for an equipment check and if needed for an *online dive insurance * from DAN at our PADI 5 star Dive Center no later than 2pm on the departure day. Our Minibus departs from Similan Diving Safaris Dive Center in Khao Lak to Taplamu pier (14km) at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

Arrival around 4:30pm
once a board the Dolphin Queen you will be introduced to our dive staff & boat crew. After you have been shown to your cabin there will be a full briefing about the running of the boat along with the rules and safety procedures on our liveaboard boat, the Dolphin Queen.
Before dinner is a good time to assemble and check your equipment with your Similan Diving Safaris dive guide, to be ready for your first dive in the Similan Islands in the morning.

After dinner we depart at around 6:30pm, so sit back and enjoy the Similan liveaboard with a star filled night sky, arriving around midnight at the Similan National marine park. Traveling by night is the best way so you can sleep and wake up fresh in the morning for the first of your amazing dives in the Similans.

We do 2 days diving in the Similan Islands before we head north to Koh Bon island famous for Manta Rays. Then we head north west to one of the best dive sites Thailand has to offer, Koh Tachai island, after diving at Tachai we head to the the famous Richelieu Rock. (check our Dive Sites page). The dive sites are subject to weather and sea conditions.

The daily Similan liveaboard Schedule aboard the Dolphin Queen is as follows:

Wake up call @ 6am. You receive a light breakfast, fresh coffee & some toast and fresh fruits. For after your dive you can order, boiled eggs, fried eggs, omelet, pancakes, French toast, sausages and ham.
We also serve German brown bread, muesli, corn flakes, oats, and lots of fresh fruits is always on the table: water melon, banana’s, pineapples, oranges. Electrolyte drinks are free for you to drink at any time during the safari this helps to prevent dehydration.
You will receive a Dive site and Dive Safety briefing before every dive. All dives are Multi level dives. and each diver must dive with a buddy.
All of our dive guides have computers and are experienced with all the dive sites so if you have any special requests e.g. Sea Horse, Ghost pipe fish, nudibranchs, this is the team who can find them for you. Our guides speak all major European languages.

1st dive 7am. The first dive is what we call a check dive, we will check how the air consumption of the divers is and put them in groups with divers who have a similar air consumption. Dive time is usually 55 min, with a 5 min safety stop. After the dives you are picked up by our Similan liveaboard or our dingy this makes for easy stress free diving. Small dive group size: 1 guide (PADI divemaster or instructor) to 4 divers.

After breakfast you have 3hrs in-between dives. You can go to the beach with our dinghy and take a walk on deserted beaches or trek some of the jungle trails, snorkel the reefs, cool off in your A/C cabin or just relax on the boat with the new friends you made on this fantastic diving safari. Fish books are available on board for you to check the marine life you have seen on your last dive.

2nd Dive 11am. After your second dive lunch is served at 1pm. The afternoon can be spend visiting the islands or just relaxing on board the Dolphin Queen.

3rd Dive 3pm. After your 3rd. dive, snacks will be served and fruits & drinks are available until your night dive. You can go snorkeling, swimming, or visit the beach.

4th Dive 6-7pm. The dusk dive or a night dive.
Dinner will be served around 7-8pm
Afer dinner you can relax with a beer or soft drink and see the photos that our photographerhas made during the dives. These photos are available for you to buy at the end of the liveaboard safari.

On Day 2 we will do 4 dives in the Similans and Koh Bon island.
Day 3 we visit Koh Tachai for 1 dive after this dive, we cruise north to the Surin National park for diving Richelieu Rock where we will do 3 dives.
On Day 4 the 1st dive will be at Koh Tachai or Koh Bon island then on the way back to Khao lak we dive at the famous local wreck not to be missed, Boon Sung wreck.

On our 5 day liveaboard we start at the Surin Islands, then Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai, Koh Bon and last 2 days the Similan Islands.

Arrival at the dive center in Khao Lak is between 3-5pm., allowing you ample time for any of your onward travel if necessary.

Schedule & Bookings

Nitrox Prices:
Per Tank 200 baht
Nitrox package

4 day (14 dives) - 2,100 baht
5 day (18 dives) - 2,700 baht

Our Similan Diving Safaris photographer is always available for help and will assist you should you wish to view your own photographs on our DVD player.

What to bring with you aboard the Dolphin Queen for your Similan Liveaboard Safari:

  • Some clothing like shorts and long sleeve T- shirt (it can be chilly at night)
  • Sun glasses, a hat and sun cream (environmentally friendly) for the day time as the temperature can be around 30°C to 35°C
  • Bathroom kit 
    *Free bio-degradable shampoo & shower soap* available onboard
  • Dive Card
  • Some money for beer and drinks. Beer is only served after your last dive

For your convenience you should bring only a small bag you don’t need much clothing on your Safari, you may leave any excess baggage or valuables at our Dive Center or at your hotel.
If you are a PADI diver and don't have your card for some reason we can check with PADI online in minutes. We have log books for sale and dive computers for rent on board Dolphin Queen. We have a full Medic First Aid kit onboard so you don't need to worry about sea sickness, upset stomach, blisters, and other minor ailments.

Schedule and Bookings